Matrimonial Disputes

Matrimonial Disputes

The piety of a marriage is not only bounded by religious texts but law as well. There is a set of laws for both the parties that they need to adhere by. Talking about the Indian legal approach, numerous ways have been laid out to protect the marriage of two people. Legal provisions have been made in India to open gateways for fair discussion and settlement. 

Incase the parties are looking for legal mediation, then as per the Indian law there are legal provisions for matrimonial mediation-

  • The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 additionally has set down arrangements that empower settlement in divorce from procedures under the watchful eye of the legal mediator before approaching the court for additional activity.
  • Section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, further promotes settlement by means of discretion, assuagement, intervention and through the Lok Adalats.

Moreover, if both the parties take legal separation as the final call then there is a fully-defined legal proceedings to deal with the same. In either cases both the married people need legal consultation in order to avoid any injustice. At Lex Solutions, the team of advocates and lawyers is highly experienced to solve matrimonial cases in an efficient manner. We are your one-stop solution for all legal matters in matrimonial disputes.

As a proficient legal firm, we provide solutions and represent our clients in the cases of-

  • Divorce
  • Dowry cases
  • Domestic Violence and harassment 
  • Personal Laws
  • Guardianship 
  • Child marriages
  • Probate and wills 
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Matrimonial Disputes mean conflicts concerning all marriages recognised by law. It may refer to disagreements, often legal, regarding marriage. Such kinds of disputes may arise at any stage of life between partners. The disputes can be attributed due to numerous factors arising from physical or verbal abuse to behavioural patterns and personal characteristics. 

Matrimonial disputes are one of the most common and frequently occurring in recent years. Such matters are very sensitive as well as emotional at the same time. Thus, you required professional law firm help to resolve matrimonial disputes without harming others' dignity. 

Section 914 of the Family Courts Act permits the Family Court to make fair efforts to settle matrimonial disputes, and Counselors assist the Family Court in this effort. Mediation is a perfect option for matrimonial conflicts, especially those involving child custody, support, and other issues.