Writ Work

Writ Work

A legal and formal document that commands a person or entity to do or stop doing a particular action. Writs can only be written by judges, courts, and the entities that hold judicial jurisdiction. Writs can only be issued post a judgement is made by the court. 

The most common types of writs are warrants and subpoenas. This is how a party directs another party through court in the legal way. At Lex solutions, we have specialized lawyers for drafting writs for the concerned party. Our team of lawyers is well-versed with contract law, specific relief act, land revenue act, civil procedures, and statuary interpretation.

Following are the most common reasons to draft a writ-

  • To help citizens fight for their rights
  • To make sure that no injustice is served
  • In order to provide an option to the aggrieved party if they are not satisfied with the judgment of higher authorities¬†

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